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Checkout Pup Hub Now – Meal Kits, Treats & Medicinal Aids for Pups Delivered Straight to your Door! Watch Video

Pup Hub Now Covid-19 Meal Kit Pricing

Quick Delivery & Our Way of Giving Back

This pricing is not currently featured on our website, but can be redeemed by emailing us directly at [email protected].

  • 2-9 lb dog = 7 Cup:  Regularly $16.25 / week                                              Covid-19 Pricing $35.25 / Mo

SAVE $29.75

  • 10 – 24 lb dog = 14 Cup:  Regularly $24.50 / week                                    Covid-19 Pricing $74.25 / Mo

SAVE $23.75

  • 25 – 39 lb dog – 24.5 Cup:  Regularly $32.50 / week                                Covid-19 Pricing $99.50 / Mo

SAVE $30.50

Please email [email protected] for additional weight classes / Prices.

Pup Hub Now Medicinal Aids – 20% Off

& FREE 2.5 oz Bag of Sample Treats (approx 18 cookies)

Click Below for Product Info


Email [email protected] to redeem offer

Q What are your Meal Kits?

We provide fresh 100% Human Grade Ingredients delivered straight to your door so that you can prepare Home Cooked Meals for your pups! All meals are vet balanced and approved. Kit contains all essential items, including necessary supplements. Prep time is less than 2 minutes. Just open your vacuum sealed bag, empty contents into your slow cooker, add the recommended water and cook for the required time, according to your enclosed instructions. Watch even the pickiest of pups enjoy!

Q What is your Medicinal Aid?

Our Medicinal Aids can help your pups if they suffer from Aches, Pains, Anxiety or Seizures. Please visit https://www.puphubnow.com/treats34415752 for more info or to order.

Q Why should I provide Home Cooked Meals to my pup?

Home Cooked Meals are perfect for your pup if:
You have a picky eater pup!
You have a pup with allergies!
You want to extend your pup's life!
You want to be able to understand your food labels & what you are really feeding your pup!
You want to provide enough protein to your pup, & from the right source, real meat!
You want to feel great about giving your pup the best nutrition possible!

Q Why should I use Pup Hub Now?

Home Cooking for your pup is not as easy as you may think. You must ensure that Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates are appropriately balanced. Pup balanced nutrition is different that human balanced nutrition. And, vital nutrients reduce during the cooking process, so it is essential you add supplements back into your meal to ensure your pup is receiving the proper nutrition he requires. Pup Hub Now has eliminated all the guess work for you!

We deliver straight to your door, and quickly!
We use only 100% Human Grade Ingredients!
We provide the essential supplements that must be included in Home Cooked Meals for your pup!
Our Meals our Vet Balanced & Approved!
We boast high protein levels, 35 - 38% versus AAFCO's Minimum Recommendation of 18%!
It's easy, about 2 minutes of prep time!
It's affordable! By cooking your pup's meal instead of having a pre-made meal delivered, you will save up to 66% compared to our competitors!

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